Hi, I'm Richie Rhombus, an artist, visual storyteller, and experience creator. I make art experiences that expand and play with social constructs. My work scales from the personal to the public, from intimate rituals to large-scale adventurous social events. I use social dynamics and human behavior as mediums of play and invention to connect people's bodies to greater ideas. I employ drawing, performance, and interactive experiences as a way to communicate stories and actions into social reality.

While my art is best expressed as a temporary relationship with others in free spaces, my work and collaborative art has also been exhibited in MoMA Ps1 NYC, DrawInternational France, Theatre Row Times Sq. NYC, IVAM Contemporary Art Museum of Valencia Spain, Counterpulse Theater San Francisco, and spaces throughout NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and The Bay Area.

portait photo by Keara Wilson, Kreative-mindset Photography